Vacances, détente et inspiration!

Maison Mixy - housses de coussin collection Tournesol

When the holidays arrive, we want to settle down, rest, enjoy it and why not increase our energy level by being inspired ... Whether it is an activity in nature, a good book, guided meditations, objects evoking well-being, it is good to take time for yourself to define our intentions for the period that will follow.

Some inspiring suggestions?

You are the Placebo, and all the other books by Dr Joe Dispenza, a highly inspiring man:

Books - Unlimited with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Or, Kilometer Zero, by Maud Ankaoua who will take you on a journey while inspiring you:

Maud Ankaoua (

Go ahead, recharge your energy and relax!

Maison Mixy

Tournesol collection cushion - Maison Mixy inc

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