Sunday in May

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This morning, I wanted to share with you some ideas which have inspired me from the positive readings that I have been doing for a long time… and which help to inspire the content of Maison Mixy products.

Are you feeling well today? It is that your thoughts are certainly associated with emotions which enhance your vibrations. Peace, love, joy, gratitude…. Haaaaa,  Gratitude !

It's a great emotion which is useful because it helps to drive out others who are less positive. I will share something with you, maybe you already know it?

When I feel not so good, when I fell less energetic, sadder, or that anger tastes like it is showing up, the first thing I do is observing that I have these negative feelings. I realize it, I let this emotion "be" and then, then, I take refuge in gratitude. I thank for many things I love in my life in order to make a change in my state of being, a change in my vibrations. A "switch".

Gratitude is a state of reception, I send the signal into the universe that I am already satisfied with this or that, that I thank for what I have, that I am fulfilled. I think of my fondest memories, of mental images that make me feel good. The law of attraction is then in action and returns me what? More of “what I like”. More of what I said "thank you" for! And hop, the positive takes its place back... the "switch" operates and I feel better and better. When you pay attention, it always works.

Objects around us can help us remember our positive tricks… Your pillowcase, your picture frames, the photos you display on your walls, if they help put you in a better mood, that's great!

I wish you a great Sunday, I wish you to vibrate higher today and everyday!


From Maison Mixy inc.

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